Always Listening to Cameron Reilly, Australian Podcast Pioneer


*Explicit Language Warning* Cam has a colorful manner of speaking and I don't edit it down for this episode. Watch the little ears!*

Cameron Reilly, cohost of The Bullshit Filter, Life of Caesar and more, joins Joel to talk about his life in podcasting, and independent media which started in 2004. With claims to "fame" as the first Australian podcaster and the first person to use a recorded Skype call for a podcast in the world.

Cam is a straight shooter who spends most of his days shooting straight at Ray Harris, his cohost for Life of Caesar, BS Filter and other podcasts and projects across the interwebs.

If you like learning about the beginning of things, hearing about the future of podcasting or learning some of the inside workings of a popular podcasting empire from Down Under, this episode is perfect for you.

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Yep. He's THE podcast network. That's another thing Cam was first at.