New (Media) Host, Who Dis? - Always Listening 432

(0:22) - Joel’s new media host and Dynamic Ad insertion discussion

(13:29) - Sponsor: Things That Are Blank from  Trivial Warfare -

(19:37) - Tom Webster’s PM speech. Pretty darn good. I highly recommend reading this:

(21:51) - Podfest Speaker submissions are open:

(25:39) - Remember that brand observation from Coleman Insights that said Joe Rogan was the most recognized podcaster? What if they asked those listeners about specific shows in Podtrac’s top 20? What happens then?

(31:57) -More from Coleman Insights - 7 steps to improve your branding:

(47:39) - Sponsor: Beyond Bourbon Street -

(51:40) 'Beyond Bourbon Street' podcast is the heart and soul of the city

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