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  • Just another reason every TV/Movie production company should be making their own companion podcasts (from PodNews): Eyes on Gilead ▸, a companion podcast to TV show Handmaid’s Tale, had a live season finale in Sydney NSW, Australia. “We booked out the 500-seat venue within 3 days, and had several hundred fans of the podcast and fellow Handmaid’s Tale obsessives attend for a season recap. There were amazing audience questions, and a few people dressed up in character.” Of note, listener feedback appears to indicate more TV viewing as a result of the podcast.

  • From PodMov Daily: Apple Podcasts Expanding Transcription Search?  According to Podnews, Apple Podcasts appears to have turned on transcript search in their beta podcast apps. "A search for ‘Google Pixel’ appears to return a bunch of podcasts that have mentioned the device (albeit mainly in ad copy)," wrote James Cridland.

  • A response from Daniel J. Lewis on Twitter pointed out that transcription search has been available in a limited capacity, but that it may have been expanded. An iOS 13 announcement from June’s WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) confirms: "Apple Podcasts will allow listeners to discover shows based on audio transcripts, topics, and people […] These features will first be available for selected top shows in English; more shows will be added later this year."

  • Sound wave custom art:

  • Interesting article and presentation...but not so much about what is helping Advertisers open their wallets, but what’s keeping them closed:

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  • Joel’s Pick: No Pods, No Casters - Margee Green for Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry

  • Jay’s Pick: I’ve got nothing this week so let me shamelessly promote what I have going on on Next Fan Up. Tomorrow, we “preview” Week 4 of the preseason, but it’s more of a What guy is getting cut that is going to be a performer on another team? Did your team answer their big questions going into the preseason? Then, a Saturday Morning Fantasy Football Special on...Saturday morning, of course! And we’ll be heading into the regular season with a new format - shorter podcasts spread out through the week. Anywhere great podcasts are heard.

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