Where Did the Apple Podcasts Categories Go, Brother!?!? - AL426

  • The Apple Podcasts category watch is on. From Podnews: It’s now day seven without any categories in Apple Podcasts apps while the company reworks them. Numerous hosting companies are scrambling to change their categories for your RSS feed. Most of them have already done so...the big ones anyways.

  • From HotPod contributor Caroline Crampton:
    Yet before I saw Ferriss announce that he was stopping his experiment, I’d been mulling over a different phenomenon around this. Several podcasters I’ve spoken to who offer ad free versions of their shows said they had been contacted by paying listeners frustrated that they were now missing out on the discount codes and promotions offered to free listeners in the sponsor reads. One host said that they’d gone as far as to start posting all of the sponsor promotions in their supporters-only Facebook group, so that the paying listeners could still benefit from the deals.

  • Almost as if someone on this show said you should be buying this stock...from Podnews: Shares in Libsyn are cheap - it “trades at half the valuation of its peers”, says an article in Seeking Alpha. They’re trading at near record levels; double where they were last year.

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