Columbo Figures Out Who Night Monkey Is - AL424

  • Interesting data on podcast length...but there is a major flaw:
    Because we are looking at data from the podcasts’ RSS feeds and not from our own Megaphone platform like in our previous posts, we do not have the download numbers for these podcasts. But we can use the number of Apple Podcasts ratings (ratings in the iPhone Podcast app and from iTunes) as a proxy for download numbers to show which podcasts are more successful than others. The idea is that the more times a particular podcast receives a rating, the more listeners have downloaded that podcast.

What are you Currently Listening to?

  • Joel’s Pick: Underlords Academy Podcast:

  • Jay’s Pick: My series of sports podcast listening for Barrett Sports Media is now live. It’s called “5 Podcasts in 5 Days” and I listened to 5 note worthy sports podcasts. Day 1 was released on Monday with my review of Mystery Box by Dan LeBatard and Friends. Day 2 features my review of The GM Shuffle with Mike Lombardi and Adnan Virk. Big surprise - I’m super critical of all the podcasts I listened to but it’s only because I care.