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Podcast News

  • Wooshka announces free dynamic ad insertion and free transcriptions on their Forever Free plan, but there are limitations:

  • From James Cridland’s Podnews:
    Exclusive: Spotify-owned podcast host Anchor is seemingly bypassing the Apple Podcasts approval process, and this lets their users post tests and even illegal copyright material un-checked to Apple Podcasts and others, we’ve discovered.
    Sort of related:
    There are now 706,000 podcasts, according to Blubrry. How many are still in production? About 280,000, according to this article by Amplifi Media - 18% of the podcast catalogue.

  • The iHeartRadio Top 100 Podcasts...interesting stuff to go over, like the one podcast from Libsyn:
    RAIN compared iHeart’s list to Podtrac’s:
    Podtrac’s monthly list includes the company’s measurement clients only. So we might speculate that The Joe Rogan Podcast is not a Podtrac client because that very popular program does not appear. Conversely, This American Life does not appear in iHeart’s large list of 100 shows, even though it is #2 on Podtrac’s list of 20 shows. A broader search of iHeartRadio does not bring up This American Life at all, so presumably it is not distributed in iHR’s app. Another factor to keep in mind: iHeartMedia radio stations (850+ of them) can promote its “family” podcasts, of which Ron Burgundy is one, which might boost listening. And in the “Success Breeds Success” theory, the Podcasts Top 100 list will drive some amount of listening traffic to top shows. One final quirk: Stuff You Should Know, the flagship Stuff Media (owned by iHeartMedia) podcast, ranks higher in Podtrac (#3) than in iHeartRadio (#11).

  • Rhodes Perry from The OutEntrepreneur joins us to talk about Apple Podcasts Categories and the LGBTQ family/other minorities that are left out. Find Rhodes show, work and book at

What are you Currently Listening to?

  • Joel’s Pick: Cocaine & Rhinestones -  Season 2 has been announced.

  • Jay’s Pick: A tease - coming soon, I did a special 5 Podcasts in 5 Days listen for Barrett Sports Media dot com. Jason Barrett is a former colleague of mine from ESPN and he consults many sports radio stations. This is his 3rd session of podcast listening and reviews and I was honored to be asked to do this for him. All 5 podcasts are sports podcasts but I believe he’s looking to publish that starting next week. I’ll let you know on my social media when it’s live.