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Podcast News

  • Marco Arment & Overcast doing the Lord’s work:

  • Some Libsyn follow up from the hall of famer himself, Dave Jackson: Gents, Libsyn has had dynamic ads since 2006ish. ( )We are  working on updating our interface, in the ad marketplace wasn’t officially announced, James Cridland found out about that by digging through the financial stuff, hence why it seems to be taking so long. - Dave Jackson

  • More Libsyn follow up. Thanks to James Cridland and PodNews for continuing to follow the story:
    After a minority shareholder threatened to replace Libsyn board members by calling for a special meeting, the Libsyn board have changed the company bylaws to require a vote from the majority of shareholders to make such a change.

  • Big note on advertising in podcasts:
    Cumulus Media’s EVP of Marketing and Westwood One President Suzanne Grimes says the combination of podcast brand awareness ads and branded content spend doubled from 2017 to 2018. “Direct response podcast spending was only up 22%. Brand advertising represented nearly three-quarters of the entire spend increase in U.S. podcasting and is growing five times faster than direct response. Once dominated by direct response, podcast revenues are nearly split between brand and direct response. In 2016, direct response represented 73% of podcast spend. Brand campaigns made up only 25%. Comparing 2016 to 2018, brand spend grew from 25% to 38%. Branded content rose from 2% to 10%. Direct response’s share of podcast revenues dropped from 73% to 52% from 2016 to 2018. Combined, brand spend represents 48% of 2018 podcast revenues versus direct response at 52%.”

  • Just in case you, Mr. Indie Podcast, thought you could compete with the NPR podcasts out there. Remember this...In The Dark which was cited as evidence in helping to overturn the conviction of Curtis Flowers, cost American Public Radio $100000 per episode to make. Host Madeleine Baran says: “From living in and reporting from Mississippi for almost a year to the time spent writing, producing and editing, it’s a time-intensive, expensive project to bring you each episode and ultimately help lead to a result like this one.”

  • Daniel J Lewis doing some investigative work on being IAB Certified. He’s running bots on his podcast and checking how the download numbers are being reported. 3 companies that claim to be “IAB Compliant”, erroneously counted his bot. He’ll be running a full report on his Audacity to Podcast website.

  • A word on investing in podcasts. It might be slowing down, but a big year already. Jonathan Gill, founder of Backtracks, says “remaining gaps—content monetization, deep analytics, and even the discovery of a podcast that is even interesting in the first place—in the podcasting space are opportunities for startups.”
    And Audioboom just got $4million more to buy content:

    What are you Currently Listening to?

    • Joel’s Pick: David Tennant Does a Podcast With:

    • Jay’s Pick: I wanted to hear an award winning show. 2017 Peabody Award winner, Uncivil, tells the stories of the Civil War you probably didn’t hear in school and from the black perspective. Three episodes I want to highlight (binged all 13 episodes):
      “The Song” - the storytelling and production at the end of this episode is absolutely beautiful. Don’t skip to the end...listening to the entire episode is what delivers the pay off and brought tears to my eyes. Phenomenal.
      “The Paper” - my favorite episode about a con artist who unwittingly becomes a war hero, even if he’s not really given credit for it because ultimately the man himself wasn’t a hero.
      “The Fugitive” about George Washington’s escaped slave, Ona - great tease going into their commercial break. A real cliff hanger.