Trouble A-Board? Libsyn shareholders, Omny & Triton Team-Up - AL421


Podcast News

In Q1 Libsyn says its podcasting revenue grew by 30%, and in total the company earned double the amount of revenue year on year: earning over US $22m. The company has $11m in the bank.

  • I find this data to be extremely questionable...New York and LA aren’t in the top 10?

  • Why would anyone NOT want to be on Google Podcasts? Is there something we don’t know about? From Podnews:
    Enterprise podcast host ART19 has made a number of updates to their service, including a setting that allows publishers to block their podcast from appearing in Google Podcasts. (We spoke with a few publishers at Podcast Day - and it sounds like some want to remove podcast play buttons from appearing within Google search, while still allowing them in Google Podcasts itself. This option, however, would entirely remove podcasts from all Google products).

  • Not sure if it’s related, should probably ask in the Facebook groups...but I learned that while Blubrry is IAB Certified, some of the services from which they report stats from, are not - such as Spotify. Now, Spotify stats are presented as different listens on the Blubrry platform. Not on the Spreaker platform which is also IAB Certified. Are listens from Google IAB Certified?

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