iTunes is Dead (Sorta) Long Live Apple Podcasts, Ad Revenue Reports and Why You Don’t Need a Mac Pro to Podcast


Apple Podcasts is coming to Mac! Joel breaks down two big pieces of news from Apple's WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) and the two big pieces of misinformation that have come out of it.

Also from Apple’s WWDC - in the next version of iOS on the iPhone and iPod Touch, Apple Podcasts will be on the front screen, “right next to one of the most used apps in the world — the App Store”, notes Vox Media’s Zach Kahn in a tweet. He says this will help first-time listeners discover podcasts.

Why you don’t need a Mac Pro:

Podcast Revenue is UP!

(From PodNews) The Tim Ferris Show is trying a new experiment: no ads, no sponsors, just a donation model. A blog post explains why. My man-crush, Tom Webster, had a great tweet about that: It’s easy to monetize like Tim Ferris. Step One: Already be Tim Ferris.

For more on that point, a blog post from Jake Rhysider of Darknet Diaries:

Edison Research released a study on Social Media Habits. It could also be re-described as “The Death of Facebook”. Check it out here: