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Podcast News

  • Google Podcasts is coming to the web!

  • But BBC Podcasts are leaving Google Podcasts:

  • Data on those listeners who use the almighty “pause” button:

  • Quarter 1 is ending and earnings reports are in. Cumulus (Westwood One, CBS): Cumulus’ overall digital business – what’s called C-Suite – grew by more than 60% in 2018. Starting off at 46% growth in Q1 of 2018, digital revenue in Q4 grew by 76% according, to CEO Mary Berner, In 2016, according to Berner, Cumulus’ podcasting division generated $100,000 in revenue. In 2018 she says podcasting generated $12.5 million in profitable podcasting revenue.
    Libsyn: Libsyn says its podcasting revenue grew by 30%, and in total the company earned double the amount of revenue year on year: earning over US $22m. The company has $11m in the bank.
    Difference - Westwood One is running mostly re-purposed audio and according to my “money tree”, they are right on point with the numbers I could find that are public. Libsyn is mostly a podcast hosting company...their revenue is coming from people paying them to host their podcast. Which has bigger upside???

  • Also from the Libsyn statement (not sure why the news outlets skipped this part): In 2019, we plan to expand our Podcast hosting product to target Spanish speaking podcast producers as well as launch, what we believe to be, a revolutionary podcast advertising platform built specifically for the podcast industry.”

  • Apple Event -

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