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Podcast News

  • From HotPod:
    Lisa Chao is now a senior editor on The Daily, Leaving Gimlet where she was the host of the Startup podcast

  • Scripps, who own Triton Digital and Stitcher, have seen revenue grow by 41% in Q4 2018, according to new results from the company. Revenue for Stitcher, which includes Midroll, was up 64% to $16.7 million.  And yet Lex Friedman their former Chief Business Development Officer and Korri Kolesa their former CRO left for Art19.

  • Want to make it to Podfest 2019?: http://bit.ly/2ELBo9K

  • Want to get some deals, even though you can't go?: https://propodcastingservices.com/podfest/

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