Always Listening 3rd Annual Christmas Special

'Tis the Season, for Josh and Joel to outsource their podcast. Every year we invite some other podcaster friends to share a podcast or episode they'd "give" to someone this holiday season. This year we're joined by Jennifer Briney from Congressional Dish, Aaron Mahnke from Lore and Jonathan, Carmela and Chris from Trivial Warfare. With a special appearance by the gang from Podcaster's Group Therapy. Podcasts mentioned in this episode: Congressional Dish - Jennifer Briney - Ronna and Beverly

Lore - Aaron Mahnke - Love and Radio “The Living Room”

Trivial Warfare

Carmela - Hadron Gospel Hour -

Wooden Overcoats -


Chris - The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast -

The West Wing Weekly -


Jonathan - No Such Thing as a Fish -


Joel - Robot or Not -

Josh - Podcaster’s Group Therapy -