Pod on Pod on My Brother, My Brother and Me

In this very special episode of Pod on Pod, Josh and Joel are joined by theme song-creator and musician, Adam Dale to review MBMBAM from The Maximum Fun Network. We also talk about podcast themes in general and debut a new Adam Dale song from his new album, Cats and Dogs.

Lyrics:  There's only 24 hours in a day I've got a pair of your buds and I wish there was a way That I could know just what I want to listen to But there's 150,000 shows that I'm not sitting through When the world seems dark and boring, Let us do your exploring! Pod on pod Pod on pod Are you wanting something funny are you wanting something smart? A show on astral projection or the history of art? Do you want to learn a language or how to play guitar? Just leave it up to Joel and Josh Pod on pod Pod on pod