New (Media) Host, Who Dis? - Always Listening 432

(0:22) - Joel’s new media host and Dynamic Ad insertion discussion

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(19:37) - Tom Webster’s PM speech. Pretty darn good. I highly recommend reading this:

(21:51) - Podfest Speaker submissions are open:

(25:39) - Remember that brand observation from Coleman Insights that said Joe Rogan was the most recognized podcaster? What if they asked those listeners about specific shows in Podtrac’s top 20? What happens then?

(31:57) -More from Coleman Insights - 7 steps to improve your branding:

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(51:40) 'Beyond Bourbon Street' podcast is the heart and soul of the city

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Why I’m Switching From Dynamic Ad Insertion & Why I Used It in the First Place - AL431


Joel makes an announcement, details the why’s and wherefore’s and establishes the new norm.

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TV Show Podcasts, Apple Transcriptions, And MO’ Ad Dollars - AL430

  • Just another reason every TV/Movie production company should be making their own companion podcasts (from PodNews): Eyes on Gilead ▸, a companion podcast to TV show Handmaid’s Tale, had a live season finale in Sydney NSW, Australia. “We booked out the 500-seat venue within 3 days, and had several hundred fans of the podcast and fellow Handmaid’s Tale obsessives attend for a season recap. There were amazing audience questions, and a few people dressed up in character.” Of note, listener feedback appears to indicate more TV viewing as a result of the podcast.

  • From PodMov Daily: Apple Podcasts Expanding Transcription Search?  According to Podnews, Apple Podcasts appears to have turned on transcript search in their beta podcast apps. "A search for ‘Google Pixel’ appears to return a bunch of podcasts that have mentioned the device (albeit mainly in ad copy)," wrote James Cridland.

  • A response from Daniel J. Lewis on Twitter pointed out that transcription search has been available in a limited capacity, but that it may have been expanded. An iOS 13 announcement from June’s WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) confirms: "Apple Podcasts will allow listeners to discover shows based on audio transcripts, topics, and people […] These features will first be available for selected top shows in English; more shows will be added later this year."

  • Sound wave custom art:

  • Interesting article and presentation...but not so much about what is helping Advertisers open their wallets, but what’s keeping them closed:

What are you Currently Listening to?

  • Joel’s Pick: No Pods, No Casters - Margee Green for Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry

  • Jay’s Pick: I’ve got nothing this week so let me shamelessly promote what I have going on on Next Fan Up. Tomorrow, we “preview” Week 4 of the preseason, but it’s more of a What guy is getting cut that is going to be a performer on another team? Did your team answer their big questions going into the preseason? Then, a Saturday Morning Fantasy Football Special on...Saturday morning, of course! And we’ll be heading into the regular season with a new format - shorter podcasts spread out through the week. Anywhere great podcasts are heard.

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A Tall Glass of IPA, with a Side of Podcast Movement - AL429

  • Most exciting news from Podcast Movement? Perhaps this from All Access:
    A new organization has been formed to advocate for podcasting and podcasters on a global basis. The INTERNATIONAL PODCAST ASSOCIATION (IPA) plans to offer "community support, training, resources, best practices, local events calendars, discounts, news, and industry representation," according to a press release from the organization.


  • Find out more at And take their short survey!

  • Podcast Movement is doubling in size next year. The team have announced that Podcast Movement 2020 will be in Dallas TX next August, while a new event, Podcast Movement Evolutions, will be in February in Los Angeles CA.

  • More from Podcast Movement thanks to Radio Ink highlighting Tom Webster’s keynote: (an even more detailed look at Edison Research’s numbers thanks to Inside Radio)

    Webster advised podcasters to do three things:

    1) Be where the listeners are because they will encounter your content, not seek it out.

    2) Live where they are because they are where they are.

    3) Love where they are because they are not going to be corralled anywhere else.

    What are you Currently Listening to?

Podcast Movement is Here! - AL428

  • Entercom the latest big broadcaster to get real serious about podcasting - summary from Podnews:
    Entercom, a large US radio broadcaster that owns 235 stations, has bought podcast studio Pineapple Street Media for US $18m, and bought the 55% of Cadence13 it didn’t already own, valuing the company at $50m, according to the Wall Street Journal. Pineapple Street Media will be re-christened Pineapple Street Studios as part of the deal.

Joe Knows Podcasting, and Everyone Knows Joe - AL427

Joe Rogan
  • Apple Podcasts Categories are BACK!

  • Libsyn’s got a new look:

  • Joe Rogan is the “biggest name” in podcasting:

  • Podsights has the right idea...but will the execution stick the landing??? They have presented their code on how they compute downloads and made it open source for everyone. It’s a little different than IAB 2.0 but it costs companies $45k to be certified...and that certification needs to be renewed.

  • So, Pandora’s CEO who is SiriusXM’s CEO agrees (from Podnews): Pandora reckon that discoverability continues to be an issue for podcasting. Speaking in an investor call, the owner of Pandora, SiriusXM’s CEO Jim Meyer, says that podcasting is “like a flea market,” and that content “is up there, but nobody can find it easily”. “Right now, it seems to be a race as who can put the most stuff up,” he also said, “which personally, I don’t believe is what is going to win.” Pandora currently lists 3,000 podcasts

  • The Apple vs Spotify war...more paying subs on Spotify and podcast audience is growing on Spotify.
    More about that Spotify info from Revenue call (from Podnews):
    Spotify have released their first quarter 2019 earnings results, and a fancy infographic. Revenue is up 31% year-on-year. Of note from the report: Our podcast audience grew 50% quarter-on-quarter and has nearly doubled since the start of the year … We are seeing increased demand for podcast advertising … Over time, our ambition is to reinvent the podcasting ad experience by building a new tech stack to enable targeting, measurement, and reporting capabilities like we have for our core Ad-Supported offering.

What are you Currently Listening to?

Where Did the Apple Podcasts Categories Go, Brother!?!? - AL426

  • The Apple Podcasts category watch is on. From Podnews: It’s now day seven without any categories in Apple Podcasts apps while the company reworks them. Numerous hosting companies are scrambling to change their categories for your RSS feed. Most of them have already done so...the big ones anyways.

  • From HotPod contributor Caroline Crampton:
    Yet before I saw Ferriss announce that he was stopping his experiment, I’d been mulling over a different phenomenon around this. Several podcasters I’ve spoken to who offer ad free versions of their shows said they had been contacted by paying listeners frustrated that they were now missing out on the discount codes and promotions offered to free listeners in the sponsor reads. One host said that they’d gone as far as to start posting all of the sponsor promotions in their supporters-only Facebook group, so that the paying listeners could still benefit from the deals.

  • Almost as if someone on this show said you should be buying this stock...from Podnews: Shares in Libsyn are cheap - it “trades at half the valuation of its peers”, says an article in Seeking Alpha. They’re trading at near record levels; double where they were last year.

What are you Currently Listening to?

Apple Categories, and Exclusive Shows - AL425

  • Apple category changes and Blubrry explains what this really means inside Apple:
    These new categories and subcategories will now have their own top 200 shows featured within them, which will give over 13,000 podcasts top 200 exposure in the Apple podcasts directory.

  • Tom Webster’s article on “What will kill podcasting”...some interesting insights as always from the Wise Webby and he starts with what WON’T kill podcasting:
    - No one has a right to an audience. Though your cause be just and your hearts be pure, you don’t get handed an audience. You don’t deserve one. Not one single pair of earballs.

  • And thus, podcasting simply becomes like every other medium known to humankind. No blogger has the right to an audience, either. Wilkie Collins out-Dickensed Charles Dickens and wrote the first detective story before Poe. But we read Dickens and Poe today, not Collins. Dickens had his own magazine. Go figure.
    - The atomic unit of the podcast is not RSS. It’s the show. (Alex Carter pointed out on Twitter that it’s actually the episode, which is fair.)

  • And anyway, it’s never been up to the creators. It’s always up to the audience. If I put my show on Spotify, it may no longer be a podcast by definition. But what do you think the average Spotify listener will call it? We’ve done a pretty good job normalizing what is a pretty wonky technical term: “podcast.” Why screw this up now?
    - Now, where I sort of disagree with Tom
    Put yourself in the shoes of a media buyer. You’ve got a buy from a leading national advertiser, and on the one hand, you’ve got a podcast network offering something risky — host-read content, or something bespoke to the show, at (say) a $25 CPM, or another network offering reach across all their shows, using your existing audio/radio creative, for a $5 CPM. What is the safe bet for your media buying career?

  • Great content is expensive to produce, and great advertising native to that content’s form and delivery is well worth a premium. But if several large players in the space start taking poorly executed, irrelevant ads at ultra-low (for podcasting) CPMs, that’s going to have repercussions on the economic feasibility of great audio content.

    (By the way, revenue reports have been trickling out and Audioboom & Acast report record growth in revenues. What do they use? Those “cheap ads”.

  • Blubrry charging for dynamic advertising:

  • Last week’s Hot Pod:
    One more thing on Stitcher. Before I move off this topic, I wanted to flag something I found interesting: Stitcher appears to be in the process of changing platform vendors for hosting services provided by Midroll, the company’s sales division. Midroll’s preferred platform had been Art19, but it’s now switching to Omny, the Australian hosting platform that Triton Digital acquired in June. Here's some matryoshka doll action for ya: EW Scripps, Stitcher's parent company, acquired Triton Digital last December.

  • “Over the past few months, Stitcher has been testing Triton Digital’s ad serving infrastructure and programmatic exchange in our Stitcher app and through a sample of our owned and operated podcasts," said Diehn in a statement, forwarded yesterday. "Triton’s acquisition of innovative podcast hosting company Omny Studio represents an exciting opportunity to explore the powerful new capabilities this platform integration will unlock for Stitcher and its partners - improved content management, better data and insights, increased monetization opportunities and a growing suite of data-driven advertising solutions. At Stitcher, our goal is always to keep the interests of our partners at the forefront and we look forward to serving them with the introduction of a new set of tools later this year.”

Jay: Don't forget, 2 members of Stitcher/Midroll's team went to Art19. Triton/Omny used by all the big broadcast radio people - Stitcher owned by Scripps. 

  • Nielsen has been looking to get into the podcasting game from an advertising perspective and it looks like they’ve cracked the door with the usual players they’re used to playing with:

  • New people coming into the podcast space are from outside this ecosphere - there are pros & cons to this: Crooked Media taps former Netflix exec Sarah Geismer for creative development post and American Public Media has hired Liliana Kim, formerly the vice president of MTV International Content Strategy & Brand Management, as its new managing director of podcasts.

What are you Currently Listening to?

  • Joel’s Pick: Inside Legion -

  • Jay’s Pick: Rocked Up part of the Mat Men Podcast Network produced by Jason Bryant -

Columbo Figures Out Who Night Monkey Is - AL424

  • Interesting data on podcast length...but there is a major flaw:
    Because we are looking at data from the podcasts’ RSS feeds and not from our own Megaphone platform like in our previous posts, we do not have the download numbers for these podcasts. But we can use the number of Apple Podcasts ratings (ratings in the iPhone Podcast app and from iTunes) as a proxy for download numbers to show which podcasts are more successful than others. The idea is that the more times a particular podcast receives a rating, the more listeners have downloaded that podcast.

What are you Currently Listening to?

  • Joel’s Pick: Underlords Academy Podcast:

  • Jay’s Pick: My series of sports podcast listening for Barrett Sports Media is now live. It’s called “5 Podcasts in 5 Days” and I listened to 5 note worthy sports podcasts. Day 1 was released on Monday with my review of Mystery Box by Dan LeBatard and Friends. Day 2 features my review of The GM Shuffle with Mike Lombardi and Adnan Virk. Big surprise - I’m super critical of all the podcasts I listened to but it’s only because I care.

Hosts Audited, Wooshka Goes Free, Rhodes Perry on Apple Categories & Anchor is Cheating? - AL423


Podcast News

  • Wooshka announces free dynamic ad insertion and free transcriptions on their Forever Free plan, but there are limitations:

  • From James Cridland’s Podnews:
    Exclusive: Spotify-owned podcast host Anchor is seemingly bypassing the Apple Podcasts approval process, and this lets their users post tests and even illegal copyright material un-checked to Apple Podcasts and others, we’ve discovered.
    Sort of related:
    There are now 706,000 podcasts, according to Blubrry. How many are still in production? About 280,000, according to this article by Amplifi Media - 18% of the podcast catalogue.

  • The iHeartRadio Top 100 Podcasts...interesting stuff to go over, like the one podcast from Libsyn:
    RAIN compared iHeart’s list to Podtrac’s:
    Podtrac’s monthly list includes the company’s measurement clients only. So we might speculate that The Joe Rogan Podcast is not a Podtrac client because that very popular program does not appear. Conversely, This American Life does not appear in iHeart’s large list of 100 shows, even though it is #2 on Podtrac’s list of 20 shows. A broader search of iHeartRadio does not bring up This American Life at all, so presumably it is not distributed in iHR’s app. Another factor to keep in mind: iHeartMedia radio stations (850+ of them) can promote its “family” podcasts, of which Ron Burgundy is one, which might boost listening. And in the “Success Breeds Success” theory, the Podcasts Top 100 list will drive some amount of listening traffic to top shows. One final quirk: Stuff You Should Know, the flagship Stuff Media (owned by iHeartMedia) podcast, ranks higher in Podtrac (#3) than in iHeartRadio (#11).

  • Rhodes Perry from The OutEntrepreneur joins us to talk about Apple Podcasts Categories and the LGBTQ family/other minorities that are left out. Find Rhodes show, work and book at

What are you Currently Listening to?

  • Joel’s Pick: Cocaine & Rhinestones -  Season 2 has been announced.

  • Jay’s Pick: A tease - coming soon, I did a special 5 Podcasts in 5 Days listen for Barrett Sports Media dot com. Jason Barrett is a former colleague of mine from ESPN and he consults many sports radio stations. This is his 3rd session of podcast listening and reviews and I was honored to be asked to do this for him. All 5 podcasts are sports podcasts but I believe he’s looking to publish that starting next week. I’ll let you know on my social media when it’s live.

Advertising, SmartSpeed and Investment Slowdown - AL422


Podcast News

  • Marco Arment & Overcast doing the Lord’s work:

  • Some Libsyn follow up from the hall of famer himself, Dave Jackson: Gents, Libsyn has had dynamic ads since 2006ish. ( )We are  working on updating our interface, in the ad marketplace wasn’t officially announced, James Cridland found out about that by digging through the financial stuff, hence why it seems to be taking so long. - Dave Jackson

  • More Libsyn follow up. Thanks to James Cridland and PodNews for continuing to follow the story:
    After a minority shareholder threatened to replace Libsyn board members by calling for a special meeting, the Libsyn board have changed the company bylaws to require a vote from the majority of shareholders to make such a change.

  • Big note on advertising in podcasts:
    Cumulus Media’s EVP of Marketing and Westwood One President Suzanne Grimes says the combination of podcast brand awareness ads and branded content spend doubled from 2017 to 2018. “Direct response podcast spending was only up 22%. Brand advertising represented nearly three-quarters of the entire spend increase in U.S. podcasting and is growing five times faster than direct response. Once dominated by direct response, podcast revenues are nearly split between brand and direct response. In 2016, direct response represented 73% of podcast spend. Brand campaigns made up only 25%. Comparing 2016 to 2018, brand spend grew from 25% to 38%. Branded content rose from 2% to 10%. Direct response’s share of podcast revenues dropped from 73% to 52% from 2016 to 2018. Combined, brand spend represents 48% of 2018 podcast revenues versus direct response at 52%.”

  • Just in case you, Mr. Indie Podcast, thought you could compete with the NPR podcasts out there. Remember this...In The Dark which was cited as evidence in helping to overturn the conviction of Curtis Flowers, cost American Public Radio $100000 per episode to make. Host Madeleine Baran says: “From living in and reporting from Mississippi for almost a year to the time spent writing, producing and editing, it’s a time-intensive, expensive project to bring you each episode and ultimately help lead to a result like this one.”

  • Daniel J Lewis doing some investigative work on being IAB Certified. He’s running bots on his podcast and checking how the download numbers are being reported. 3 companies that claim to be “IAB Compliant”, erroneously counted his bot. He’ll be running a full report on his Audacity to Podcast website.

  • A word on investing in podcasts. It might be slowing down, but a big year already. Jonathan Gill, founder of Backtracks, says “remaining gaps—content monetization, deep analytics, and even the discovery of a podcast that is even interesting in the first place—in the podcasting space are opportunities for startups.”
    And Audioboom just got $4million more to buy content:

    What are you Currently Listening to?

    • Joel’s Pick: David Tennant Does a Podcast With:

    • Jay’s Pick: I wanted to hear an award winning show. 2017 Peabody Award winner, Uncivil, tells the stories of the Civil War you probably didn’t hear in school and from the black perspective. Three episodes I want to highlight (binged all 13 episodes):
      “The Song” - the storytelling and production at the end of this episode is absolutely beautiful. Don’t skip to the end...listening to the entire episode is what delivers the pay off and brought tears to my eyes. Phenomenal.
      “The Paper” - my favorite episode about a con artist who unwittingly becomes a war hero, even if he’s not really given credit for it because ultimately the man himself wasn’t a hero.
      “The Fugitive” about George Washington’s escaped slave, Ona - great tease going into their commercial break. A real cliff hanger.

Trouble A-Board? Libsyn shareholders, Omny & Triton Team-Up - AL421


Podcast News

In Q1 Libsyn says its podcasting revenue grew by 30%, and in total the company earned double the amount of revenue year on year: earning over US $22m. The company has $11m in the bank.

  • I find this data to be extremely questionable...New York and LA aren’t in the top 10?

  • Why would anyone NOT want to be on Google Podcasts? Is there something we don’t know about? From Podnews:
    Enterprise podcast host ART19 has made a number of updates to their service, including a setting that allows publishers to block their podcast from appearing in Google Podcasts. (We spoke with a few publishers at Podcast Day - and it sounds like some want to remove podcast play buttons from appearing within Google search, while still allowing them in Google Podcasts itself. This option, however, would entirely remove podcasts from all Google products).

  • Not sure if it’s related, should probably ask in the Facebook groups...but I learned that while Blubrry is IAB Certified, some of the services from which they report stats from, are not - such as Spotify. Now, Spotify stats are presented as different listens on the Blubrry platform. Not on the Spreaker platform which is also IAB Certified. Are listens from Google IAB Certified?

    What are you Currently Listening to?

AL420 Apple Podcasts Categories, MP3 Conversion, Radio Wants YOU?


Podcast News

What are you Currently Listening to?

iTunes is Dead (Sorta) Long Live Apple Podcasts, Ad Revenue Reports and Why You Don’t Need a Mac Pro to Podcast


Apple Podcasts is coming to Mac! Joel breaks down two big pieces of news from Apple's WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) and the two big pieces of misinformation that have come out of it.

Also from Apple’s WWDC - in the next version of iOS on the iPhone and iPod Touch, Apple Podcasts will be on the front screen, “right next to one of the most used apps in the world — the App Store”, notes Vox Media’s Zach Kahn in a tweet. He says this will help first-time listeners discover podcasts.

Why you don’t need a Mac Pro:

Podcast Revenue is UP!

(From PodNews) The Tim Ferris Show is trying a new experiment: no ads, no sponsors, just a donation model. A blog post explains why. My man-crush, Tom Webster, had a great tweet about that: It’s easy to monetize like Tim Ferris. Step One: Already be Tim Ferris.

For more on that point, a blog post from Jake Rhysider of Darknet Diaries:

Edison Research released a study on Social Media Habits. It could also be re-described as “The Death of Facebook”. Check it out here:

What Podcasters and Content Creators Can Learn from Game of Thrones - Now Our Watch Is Ended


It’s the biggest TV show in history and it’s finally over. Whether you watched every episode and listened to recaps or never even had HBO during this run, there are lessons to take away from this cultural phenomenon even for the most indie of podcasters.

Jay and Joel talk about some of the chief takeaways in this “very special episode” and keep the spoilers to a minimum. Seriously, if you’ve seen memes about GoT’s final season, you likely won’t spoil anything new in this discussion.

What are you Currently Listening to?

Absolutely the Best Podcast Info - AL417

Podcast News

What are you Currently Listening to?

Podfund, IAB Certification, Growing the Podcast Ecosystem and Even More Endgame - AL416


Podcast News

  • Podfund:

  • IAB Certification: 3 new companies join Blubrry and NPR - Art19 (whom everyone talked about on Friday), Voxnest (barely heard anything) and Australia’s Wooshka. Why did everyone talk about Art19 and not the other two?

  • And some great questions to consider from Nick Quah re: Google and Spotify moves:
    Assuming Spotify and Google does indeed each accrue meaningful podcast distribution power, should we read their podcast activities as competitive with, or additive to, the podcast world Apple has fostered? In other words: is this necessarily a zero-sum game?

  • Is it possible to sketch a theory of the ecosystem that sees “Big Podcasting” as a separate from “Open Podcasting/Everything Else,” the latter as perhaps mediated by Apple? Is it possible for the two things to exist in parallel?

  • With regards to Apple, there’s an obvious question, and there’s a less obvious question. The former: how will Apple respond? The latter: should they respond? This should bring us to a more root question: what is the game that Apple plays, and what is the best version of that game specifically within the podcast context?

  • If Spotify and Google do end up commandeering the bulk of new podcast listenership, what’s the move for third-party podcast apps? What new opportunities are they best positioned to pursue? Should they double down on niche communities?

  • There are other factors in here as well (I’m curious about Liz Covart’s promotion on Apple and it’s effect… ) but I’m tired of hearing “New & Noteworthy” doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter in the way how many new people think it does - but it does matter being front and center to a majority eyeballs.

What are you Currently Listening to?

Luminary Apologizes, Paywalls Go Portable, Avengers Endgame Discussion Post-Show - AL415


Podcast News

  • Just to be fair, Luminary listened and made changes. Not so sure about the apology, but better than before. Could still be too little too late because the next story I think has a better future.

  • This could be a game changer. Why aren’t more people talking about this? Is it because they’re leary of it actually working?
    And look at this company that got no coverage (until Podnews readers pointed it out):

  • From James Cridland’s weekly newsletter (not Podnews):
    I’ve spent the week without my MacBook Pro, which after just 26 months began to suffer from the tell-tale signs of an expanding battery. I’m getting a bit worried, given I’m doing two presentations next week - one to Rogers on Wednesday, and one at Canadian Music Week on Thursday (and no, they won’t be the same). I sure hope it’ll be ready to collect when Apple told me it will.
    Instead of my AUD$2699 MacBook Pro, I’ve been using my AUD$640 Chromebook for everything over the past week (using the same keyboard and big screen in the office as I always do). It’s been very interesting how capable the machine really is, and in many ways I rather prefer it. If you use Chromebooks, ChromeOSv74, which came out last week, has audio playback from Linux apps, so you can use Audacity or the much more preferable Reaper to edit audio if you want. I’ve been using my USB microphone and Auphonic Edit, instead.
    Joel, as the resident expert on podcast production on different devices, would love to hear your thoughts.

  • Something to note here: Spotify has half a million more daily active sessions than Pandora. iHeartRadio is 3rd and, Cumulus, NPR appear tied for last on this chart and if you combine the bottom 4 they don’t even account for half of Pandora. Once you pick an stay on that app.

  • This article both encourages me and infuriates me at the same time:

Avengers Endgame Discussion (it’s all post-show, so you don’t have to worry about spoilers if you haven’t seen it)

We forgot to talk about it, but here is TMR (Matthew Berry)’s Avengers Endgame Cameo explained and discussed:

Rebuilding Ruston, Rebuilding Luminary's Reputation? - AL414

Photo via Kyle McKaskle, Ruston, LA 2019.

Photo via Kyle McKaskle, Ruston, LA 2019.

Ruston, LA Hit with Tornado, Help the Rebuild and Recovery Efforts

Podcast News

What Grinds My Gears...Staying in Your Lane - AL413


Podcast News

What are you Currently Listening to?

  • Joel’s Pick - Welcome to Level 7 - Podcast about the Agents of SHIELD and the MCU.

  • Jay’s Pick - NFL Draft time - if you aren’t listening to my podcast, Next Fan Up, I highly recommend Scout’s Honor w/Dave Te’ Thomas (and Paul Crane). Dave has been writing the NFL Draft Prospect review book for the NFL for decades. He’s tied into a number of teams, including the world champion Patriots. He knows a thing or two about the NFL Draft.